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Well Done: Alumnus Honors Former Faculty with Choral Piece

It’s not everyday that you get to participate in a world premiere. Thanks to recent alumnus Aaron Fullan, the Emmaus Ensemble was able to do just that, by performing his choral piece Well Done for the very first time at their Tour Concert in March. Aaron composed Well Done, a 4-part choral piece based on Matthew 25:21 and I Corinthians 15:55, as a memorial to former Emmaus faculty member Dr. Dave Reid, who went home to be with the Lord on January 31, 2012. Dr. Dave, lovingly nicknamed “Dr. Grace” by those who studied with him, was a beloved faculty member at Emmaus for nearly 30 years, teaching Old Testament Survey and Hermeneutics to generations of students.

At the concert, Dr. David MacLeod, friend and colleague of Dr. Reid, gave a stirring tribute to the man he called “a thoroughgoing Bible man.” He said this of his friend: “When I think of Dr. Dave Reid, my spirit is lifted. I thank God for him. And I’m filled with admiration for a man who lived his life to the full, doing business for the Master.”

Aaron also paid tribute to Dr. Reid at the concert. Though he did not know Dr. Reid well, Aaron said of him, “It was very easy to see that he had invested in what is eternal, and that is people.” Aaron’s sole interaction with Dr. Dave was when he spoke his last chapel message at Emmaus, appropriately entitled “Pass the Baton.” It was enough to leave a lasting impression, and stir in him a desire to pay tribute to this honorable man:

“Dr. Dave was a man who lived his life in view of what was to come after; I want to live my life in the same manner. My aim in writing this piece was to pay homage to a man that knew what it meant to live life to the fullest: a life devoted to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All other life goals pale in comparison. To Him be all the glory.”

Ensemble Director Elisa Cooper, who taught and directed Aaron during his four years at Emmaus, was glad to afford Aaron the opportunity of his piece being performed by the Ensemble:

“Aaron was a wonderful student and very talented pianist, but his interest in composing did not surface until near the end of his program. I was very impressed with his first piece written for his senior recital, and when he approached me about composing this piece for the Ensemble, I knew we would get something special. The Ensemble really enjoyed learning and performing Well Done, and we look forward to possibly working with Aaron on some future projects.”

After graduating with a Music Ministry degree in the spring of 2012, Aaron married his longtime girlfriend Tabby Krahling, also an Emmaus alumnus. They now live in Thomson, Illinois, where they both work as baristas at the Heirloom Market & Cafe. Recently, Aaron has been able to utilize his music and drama gifts in the company’s new offshoot: Heirloom Audio. Moving to Thomson has also allowed him to return to his home church, Gateway Bible Chapel in Clinton, IA, where he leads the music ministry.

If you missed hearing the first performance of Aaron’s piece, plan to attend the Spring Concert at Emmaus, when the Ensemble sings Well Done for the final time this year. The event is this Sunday, April 21st at 7:30pm in the beautiful Marble Chapel at Emmaus, and will include performances by all four of Emmaus’s music groups: the Ensemble, Chapel Choir, Men’s Quartet, and the Ladies Trio. 

Click here to view a sample of Well Done, in a collage of the music and Dr. Reid’s tribute. 

Aaron Fullan