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Performing Groups & Private Lessons


Women's Choir (.5 credit per semester)
Lisa Beatty, director
Women’s Choir is a non-auditioned choir that performs on campus and at local churches. Students have an opportunity to improve their vocal skills and learn choral repertoire from a variety of musical styles. Rehearsals are Wednesday, 2:20 – 3:10pm in the choir room.

Chamber Choir (.5 credit per semester)
Elisa Cooper, director
Chamber Choir is an auditioned mixed choral ensemble that performs on campus and in the local community. Students in Chamber Choir have the opportunity to sing more challenging repertoire that will help improve their musical and vocal skills. Audition required. Rehearsals are Monday from 3:20-4:35pm in the choir room.

Ensemble (.5 credit per semester)*
Elisa Cooper, director
Ensemble is a smaller mixed group chosen from within the Chamber Choir.  During spring break (March) the Ensemble travels on tour to other areas of the country (and occasionally Canada). Students in the Ensemble have the opportunity to sing more challenging repertoire that will help improve their musical and vocal skills. Audition and participation in Chamber Choir required. Rehearsals are Wednesday from 3:20-4:35pm in the choir room.

*Scholarships available

Small Groups
Each year, depending on interest, ability, and availability, some of the best singers have an opportunity to participate in a smaller vocal group such as a ladies trio or male quartet. These groups perform on campus, at local and regional churches, and occasionally other local events. The groups sing on tour if all of the members are also in the Ensemble. Rehearsals are scheduled based on availability of the students and directors, Miss Elisa Cooper or Dr. Lisa Beatty.

Instrumental Groups

Emmaus students can access instrumental performing groups in the community and at other colleges in Dubuque. Please contact Miss Elisa Cooper at for more information.

Dubuque Community String Orchestra
The DCSO rehearses on Emmaus’ campus on Monday evenings and is open to any string players. Students may register for the DCSO for 1 credit per semester if desired.

Clarke University Wind Ensemble
The Wind Ensemble is open to Emmaus students free of charge (no credit).

Dubuque Youth Symphony Orchestra
The DYSO is an auditioned ensemble for high school and college students under age 21. See for more information about cost, auditions, and schedule.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to all students ($150 fee per semester for 30 minute weekly lessons; 1 credit per semester). Emmaus offers voice and piano lessons on campus. Students interested in studying other instruments may take those lessons off-campus for Emmaus credit depending on availability of teachers.

Emmaus Ensemble CDs


Audio CD recording of the 2007 Higher Ground Project featuring the music of the Emmaus Bible College Music Department including the Emmaus Ensemble, Three-for-One (vocal trio) and Undivided. CD features 14 tracks and was recorded live in the Emmaus Bible College Marble Chapel. Hear a sample below!


Our most recent audio CD recorded in 2012 and 2013 (released in 2016) in the Emmaus Marble Chapel. This CD features the Emmaus Music Department including the Emmaus Ensemble, Men's Quartet, and Ladies Trio. Included in the fourteen tracks is an original composition, "Well Done," composed by Emmaus alumnus Aaron Fullan.

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Check out these photos of past Ensemble tours!