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New Secondary Education Program at Emmaus

Emmaus Bible College is pleased to announce the addition of a new major in Secondary Education beginning Fall 2012! Students can specialize in teaching world history, business, or psychology.  Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be recommended for Iowa State teacher licensure with a 5-12 endorsement in their chosen content area.

The new Secondary Education program includes a major in Bible/Theology, which provides a strong Biblical foundation for teaching philosophy and practice.  Graduates of the program will be well-equipped for positions in public and private secondary schools as well as home school settings.

A recent State of Iowa review of the Teacher Education programs at Emmaus resulted in the following feedback:  ”The Teacher Education Program faculty model a passionate commitment to teaching as a profession and to nurturing candidates to become dedicated teachers….This commitment and investment is illustrated through sustaining program quality and candidate success over time.”  

If you want a share in this success, contact Enrollment Services for more information about the new Secondary Education program or other Teacher Education programs at Emmaus.