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New Major at Emmaus: Christian Camping Ministry

The Educational Ministries Department is excited to launch our new Christian Camping Ministries major. This new discipline is centered on rising up faithful followers of Christ in the next generation. This is in accordance to the Biblical pattern of ministry of the older passing on to the younger an example of remembrance and faithfulness to following the plan of God. 

Our department addresses this great task through faithful study and application of the Bible, intentional care for people and the administration of godly servant leadership. Strong emphasis is placed on hands-on training in working with adolescents through an intentional internship, practical field study, and Christian service with youth.

This new major works in partnership with the Leadership, Training, and Development (LTD) program at Camp Forest Springs (CFS) in Westboro, WI. In addition to studying at Emmaus, students will spend their entire senior year immersed in a professional Christian Camping environment while earning academic credit to fulfill their degree requirements. The Emmaus Camping Ministries program is designed to combine Emmaus’ excellent Bible and Theological training with dynamic Christian Camping ministries in conjunction with CFS’s experiential and hands-on classroom instruction. Students get the benefit of direct on-site training by CFS vocational staff. Students will work toward developing a personal philosophy and implementation of Christian camp ministry as they live out real-life camping ministry. An ideal graduate will be qualified to dynamically serve in a variety of director oriented roles specifically those of an executive, administrative, and programming nature.

Please visit the Educational Ministries Departmental page on the Emmaus website for more information about our new Christian Camping major. May God bless you as you purpose to follow Him!

Jeff Riley
Chair/Faculty Educational Ministries Department