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Minor in Counseling

The minor in Counseling is a program of study designed to provide the student with an introduction to the fundamentals of counseling integrated with biblical and theological truth. Coursework for the Counseling minor can be used to fulfill some elective requirements in a major area of study.

A minor in Counseling does not enable an individual to enter into professional counseling as a vocation, but it does provide the basic tools for effective people-helping and gives foundational knowledge should a student desire to pursue graduate study in counseling or psychology.

Program Director: Mr. Ben Mathew

Program Mission

To begin the process of equipping individuals with understandings and basic skills of counseling with the integration of God’s holy Word and train them to serve as people-helpers within various ministry settings.

Program Outcomes

The student will:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to integrate a general knowledge of the Bible and major theological concepts with psychological theory.
  2. Evidence awareness and understanding of the issues and problems that people face in life from a thoroughly-biblical point of view.
  3. Evidence awareness of and the ability to evaluate secular and Christian psychological theories and practices from a sound biblical and theological point of view.
  4. Develop fundamental counseling skills within a thoroughly-biblical framework, focused on ministry.
  5. Develop a deep level of dedication to people and to a ministry of helping them with their lives in a way that is honoring to God.

Counseling Minor Requirements

The following courses must be taken in pre-requisite order:

  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 111)
  • Counseling Foundations (COU 121)
  • Marital and Family Therapy (COU 221) or Addictive Behaviors (COU 422)
  • Methods and Techniques of Counseling (COU 311)
  • Group Dynamics (COU 321) or Multicultural Counseling Techniques (COU 322)
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling (COU 411)
  • Ethics and Issues of Counseling (COU 412)

20 credit hours