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Library Book Sale

Sat, April 12, 2014

No, it's not a full contact sport. It's The Emmaus Library Book Sale, and it doesn't come around very often. The last time we had a sale this big, Dr. MacLeod hired a personal bodyguard. We've got thousands of books for under $0.50. Sets and coveted books are priced higher, though they are usually the first things to go. You won't find a liquidation of religious books, children's books, pamphlets, records, tapes, CDs or DVDs quite like this anywhere else.

-Religious hardcovers: $0.50
-Religious paperbacks: $0.25
-Secular and children's books: $0.25
-Pamphlets: $0.10 - $0.25
-Records, tapes, CDs, DVDs: $0.10