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Health Sciences Department

Lisa Beatty, VP for Academic Affairs at Emmaus Bible CollegeDEAR FUTURE EMMAUS STUDENT,

Are you passionate about serving people by addressing their physical and spiritual needs? A health science program at Emmaus Bible College will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience you need for a career in nursing, or graduate studies in the health sciences, while you acquire a thorough grounding in the Word of God. This unique educational approach provides a biblical foundation for your nursing or medical practice and equips you to effectively serve patients and their families at times of greatest need.

The health science programs at Emmaus Bible College are offered in partnership with two higher education institutions in the Dubuque area—University of Dubuque and Northeast Iowa Community College. Students pursuing nursing or pre-professional health programs take biblical studies and general education coursework at Emmaus and science and/or clinical coursework at a partner school. Financial aid is available for cooperative programs, and all tuition and fees are paid through Emmaus.

Choosing an academic program is a big decision. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about health sciences at Emmaus Bible College.

In Him,

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Program Director, Nursing, Cross-Cultural Nursing, Concentration in Pre-Professional Health Sciences

Quick Facts

  • Strong foundation in biblical studies and theology
  • Opportunity to prepare for a career in nursing (LPN or RN) or graduate studies in the health sciences
  • Hands-on service opportunities that connect with your major area of study
  • 93% placement rate for graduates in nursing from 2010-2014

“The Emmaus nursing program provided me a great opportunity to receive a solid foundation in Bible while also learning a profession that I will use for the rest of my life.”

Sarah Messer