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Groundbreaking Year of Affordability At Emmaus Bible College

The upcoming 2014-15 academic year promises to be an incredible value to students enrolled at Emmaus Bible College (Dubuque, IA). In addition to the eternal value of a Bible-based college education, Emmaus is adding value to students and parents by making the education more affordable.

To begin with, Emmaus has published a tuition freeze for the 2014-15 academic year. While the cost of a private college education continues to rise, Emmaus has placed a freeze on tuition and fees: $14,600 tuition, $6560 room and board, and $790 student fees. This move continues to position the college as an exceptional value since the Emmaus sticker price of $21,950 is roughly half of the $40,917 average* for a 4-year private college in 2013-14.

In addition to the tuition freeze, Emmaus is promoting a range of new and improved scholarships designed to make Emmaus more affordable for a wide range of students. These individual scholarships vary from $400/year to an incredible $10,000/year, and many of them are renewable. Students and their parents can visit to calculate the unprecedented savings they will enjoy.

While the college has significantly reduced the cost of attendance, it hasn’t reduced the value of its education. Remaining true to its roots, Emmaus Bible College is committed to academic excellence, providing students an accredited, Bible-based, professional or ministerial education in an atmosphere conducive to personal and spiritual growth. The mission of Emmaus Bible College, as an institution of higher learning, is to glorify God by teaching the Bible and by educating and equipping learners to serve and lead in churches, ministries, communities, and vocations.

Please share this message! Emmaus desires that a great number of new and returning students will benefit from this new plan for attending college affordably. Use the share buttons below (Facebook, Twitter, email, and more) to spread the good news!


*Average Published Undergraduate Charges by Sector, 2013-14;