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Ensemble Tour Prayer Requests

The Ensemble left this morning on their annual spring break tour. They will be on tour until March 16 (next Saturday). Director Elisa Cooper asked for prayer in the following ways:

  • For an attitude of joy, thanksgiving, and worship among the Ensemble
  • That we would have safety and good weather in travel
  • That everyone will stay healthy and have stamina for the entire trip
  • That we will effectively communicate the truths that we are singing and that it will be evident that we believe them
  • That we will be a blessing to everyone who sees us at each church, hotel, restaurant, etc.
  • That we will encourage and serve each other as well as those we meet on the tour
  • That the students will draw closer to the Lord and be encouraged and challenged through this experience
  • That the student testimony will encourage the saints and present the claims of Christ to the unbelieving
  • That we will present a consistent testimony for Christ to our bus driver
  • That we will effectively represent the college and its ministries to our constituency
  • That we will do nothing to call attention to ourselves, but do everything for the glory of God

Thanks for praying!

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