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Emmaus SUMMEX Team on the Cover of Peruvian Magazine

Summex is a long tradition at Emmaus. For years the college has organized these faculty-led globe-trotting trips with one goal: contextual discovery of missions. During these trips we meet and learn from missionaries on location: how the Lord is bringing people to Himself throughout the world and see their strategies in real-time. We explore the local culture and customs, work at learning the language, make friends, and serve in meaningful ways as directed by the local leadership. 

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Recently, the 2012 Summex team was featured on the cover of a Peruvian magazine. The magazine is called “Fragrant Aroma” and is an assembly missionary publication in Peru. The picture was taken with believers in the village of Achinamisa, in the Amazon basin. We walked 10 hours through the jungle to get to this village, across quite a few rivers. A joint team of Peruvian young people, Micah Tuttle and his two oldest sons, and the Emmaus team, preached the gospel, organized children’s meetings, and taught a conference.

I was very excited to see Emmaus students on the cover of this magazine, as it demonstrates young people can have a huge worldwide impact. Praise be to God!

Joel Hernandez
Chair, Intercultural Studies Department


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