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Emmaus Students Return Home Safely From Excavation and Study Tour of Israel

Eight Emmaus Bible College students and recent graduates travelled to Israel under the leadership of Bible Department Chair Dr. Steven H. Sanchez to participate in the 2014 Tel Gezer Excavations. The trip was designed to allow the students to participate in hands on archaeological work, as well as learn the history and geography of Israel while in the land.

This program is a unique feature of our new Archaeology minor and involves four weeks of digging, including weekend tours throughout the country. In addition to getting their hands dirty with 3000 year-old dirt, students travelled from Israel's northern border with Lebanon and Syria all the way south to Eilat on the Red Sea. They swam in the Mediterranean and dipped their feet in the Jordan River.

Of her participation, one student says, "The trip to Israel was an amazing experience that has impacted my life dramatically. Being in the land of the people that God has chosen made me reflect on how he has moved throughout history to keep a remnant despite unfathomable odds against them. The trip gave me the ability to better understand the geography of the land in a way that maps and pictures can only begin to. Reading the Psalms of Ascent as we drove from the plains, through the foothills, and up towards Jerusalem will be a memory that stays with me."

Admittedly the trip was not without its concerns. While the team was there, the Israel Defense Forces launched operation Protective Edge. Although they were never in any real danger, the experience was new for many and caused them to look to the Lord for their protection. They are thankful that He is our defender. The fact that the dig did not shut down during the conflict caught the attention of the Jerusalem Post, which published an article about the Tel Gezer Team. The game board highlighted in the article (and seen above) was expertly excavated by Nichole Dirks, EBC grad of the class of 2013.

We praise the Lord for an incredibly productive dig, a fruitful learning experience, and for the team's safety while there. To learn more, click here for the official press release from the 2014 dig season. 

Emmaus Students Return Home Safely From Excavation and Study Tour of Israel