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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive academic credit for viewing EmmausOnline courses?

No. The purpose of EmmausOnline is to provide free, college-level Bible courses for the benefit of churches and individuals among the Assemblies. EmmausOnline does not offer academic credit or grant degrees for completing any of the online courses.

Can I get the one-year certificate after completing these courses?

No. EmmausOnline lectures do not qualify for academic credit. Although the lectures presented on EmmausOnline are the actual lectures students at Emmaus Bible College attend they are NOT the same thing as a complete Emmaus education. EmmausOnline is not meant to replace an Emmaus Bible College education.

Do I need to register for these courses?

No you do not need to register for EmmausOnline courses. Just click the "Watch a Lecture on iTunes U" link to get started.

What do I need to view the lectures?

To view these lectures you must have a personal computer (Mac or Windows) and a broadband internet connection (DSL, Cable, other).  Load time may vary depending upon the speed of your internet service.

Do I need to install any software to view these lectures?

Yes. You must have iTunes installed on your computer to watch these lectures. The software is free from Apple. Visit to download it.

Who owns the copyright to videos published on the EmmausOnline website?

Unless otherwise stated, Emmaus Bible College holds the copyright for ALL content on EmmausOnline.

Do I need permission to use EmmausOnline videos for ministry purposes (church, bible study, camps, etc.)?

Permission is given to use EmmausOnline materials for non-commercial use ONLY. Profit-making entities cannot charge a fee for access to any of the material found on the website. Additionally, no works derived from EmmausOnline material may be used for profit.

Can I contribute my own educational materials to EmmausOnline?

EmmausOnline provides material taught and produced at Emmaus Bible College. Every course on EmmausOnline is taught by an Emmaus Bible College faculty member or by an associate of the college. Since the college takes final responsibility for all material presented on the website, at this time, only those involved in the ministry of Emmaus Bible College may contribute to the website.

How does EmmausOnline produce video lectures?

The Audio Visual department works closely with EmmausOnline and faculty members to record and edit semester-long courses. This is a time intensive process that costs approximately $1500 per course.
The funds used to produce these videos come from generous supporters of the college. If you would like to contribute to this project you may send your gift to: Emmaus Bible College, 2570 Asbury Rd. Dubuque, IA 52001. Write Emmaus Online on the note line.

Can I translate the EmmausOnline materials into non-English languages?

If you would like to volunteer your services to translate Emmaus Online courses please contact us at: 563-588-8000 ext. 1126.

How do I purchase DVD copies of these lectures?

Although EmmausOnline had considered the option of creating DVD box sets of the classes that are online, we have decided that this is too large an undertaking at this time. So, as of right now, no DVD sets are available of any of our online classes. You can purchase data DVDs of our courses. These will NOT play in normal DVD players. They will only work in your computer.

How do I contact a specific member of the Emmaus faculty?

Due to the potential for communication abuse in the Internet era we do not provide professor emails or phone numbers.

Where do I buy materials for the courses?

Syllabi, lecture notes (if a professor has produced them) and handouts are available for free online. Books can be purchased through the Emmaus Bible College library. Please contact John Rush at 563-588-8000.