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David A Glock EmmausOnline professorDavid A. Glock

Dave teaches Survey of Doctrine, Life of Christ and Prison Epistles with Ken Daughters. He has been on the Emmaus faculty for 41 years! He has earned degrees from Philadelphia College of Bible and Dallas Theological Seminary. Why stay at Emmaus for 42 years? He says, "Students come here to think and work through the Bible. I love to be a part of what impacts young people forever."

Keith Leverentz EmmausOnline professorKeith Leverentz

Keith teaches First Corinthians. He taught at Emmaus for over 25 years. He has degrees in Elementary and Religious Education. An elder at Great Adventure Church he and his wife have an active marriage counseling ministry. He says his favorite thing about teaching at Emmaus is "Interacting with all the wonderful young people."

Jim Van Dine EmmausOnline professorDr. Jim Van Dine

Jim teaches Old Testament Survey. He joined the Emmaus faculty 9 years ago. He earned his Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. In his free time he enjoys going for drives in his convertible as well as playing with his grandchildren. He also enjoys cross-country train rides and collecting model trains.

Jack Fish EmmausOnline preofessorDr. Jack Fish

Jack teaches Romans. He has taught at Emmaus for over 40 years. He has degrees in Old Testament and New Testament Exegesis. He and his wife also have 9 grandchildren. He says, "I love the Bible. I love teaching the Bible. I love the students' interest in spiritual things and seeing them go on for the Lord."

Mark Stevenson EmmausOnline professorDr. Mark Stevenson

Mark teaches New Testament Survey and Apologetics. An Ontario native, he graduated from Emmaus Bible College in 1994 and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1998. He completed his Ph.D. in Historical Theology at Spurgeon's College, University of Wales. He says, "If I had to narrow it down I think my favorite part about teaching at Emmaus is seeing the enthusiasm among students for God's Word."

David MacLeod EmmausOnline professorDr. David MacLeod

David teaches Bibliology/Theology Proper. He received his Bachelor's degree from Worcester State College in 1965, his Th.M. (1969) and Ph.D. (1987) from Dallas Theological Seminary. From 1979 to 1983 he served as the full time teaching elder at McKinney Bible Chapel. He joined the faculty at Emmaus Bible College in 1983 and has been teaching here for 27 years. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, reading and collecting books.

Ken Daughters EmmausOnline ProfessorKen Daughters

Ken teaches Prison Epistles with Mr. Glock. His chapel series on the book of Galatians is also online. He attended Biola University for his undergraduate studies, and he earned his Th.M. in 1986 from Talbot Seminary. He served as a member of the Bible faculty at Emmaus from 1990-2012 and as president of the college from 2000-2013.

Steven Sanchez EmmausOnline professorDr. Steven H. Sanchez

Steve (Ph.D. 2010) teaches Deuteronomy. He joined the Bible department in 2005 and has directed the EmmausOnline program since 2009. Every two years he takes students to Israel on a country-wide study tour. Ask him if it's worth the expense and he'll tell you, "Being able to interpret the Bible more clearly is worth every penny. I love showing students the land of the Bible!" He and his wife Julie have four children.

Alexander Strauch EmmausOnline professorAlexander Strauch

Alex teaches Biblical Church Leadership. Alex became a believer at an early age while attending Pine Bush Bible Camp in New York. From 1965 until 1968, he attended Emmaus Bible School in Oak Park, IL. He earned a B.A. from Colorado Christian University and an M. Div. from Denver Seminary. He later taught Philosophy and New Testament Literature courses at Colorado Christian University. Alex was an elder at Littleton Bible Chapel for 35 years. He is the author of Biblical Eldership.