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Emmaus Named #1 Small College for a Counseling Degree

Emmaus Bible College has been ranked 1st among the top 25 colleges and universities for students to study Psychology or Counseling in an article released March 2015 (The Top 25 Small Colleges for a Counseling Degree, by Kirsten Hughes). Colleges and universities with less than 3,000 students were evaluated from theInstitute of Education Sciences’ College Navigator on the basis of regional accreditation,graduation rates, retention rates, and net price.

Mr. Phil Boom, President of EBC noted that “Students come to Emmaus because of the quality of our academic programs, and the rigorous preparation for life after college. Our graduates are equipped to impact the world for Christ by their Emmaus education, and our Counseling Psychology program is just another example of what we do best.”

The Mission of the Counseling department is to equip students with the ability to integrate, under a biblical authority, theories, practices, and methodologies of counseling psychology for effective counseling ministry to those in need. Our vision for the Counseling program at Emmaus is that students be fully involved in the knowing of God’s word, so that they can be “Berean” in their assessment and evaluation of counseling psychology. Mr. Ben Mathew, Chair of the Counseling department notes that “The degree offered is a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and Counseling Psychology. We desire our students to be good counselors only by first being good theologians. The discerning Christian counselor should be distinctively Christian both in foundation and method, not just able to give a restatement of naturalistic principles with some biblical jargon thrown in. It is with these convictions that we humbly ask the Lord’s grace in training others to know His word, to love others, and help bring many to glorify our Lord.”

The majority of students graduating with a bachelor's degree will work in some division of human or social services. Some common job titles in the area include Case Management, Career Counselor, Rehabilitation Specialist, or Psychiatric Technician.

Another option for many of our graduates will be applying to graduate schools to pursue Master’s and Doctrinal degrees in Counseling and Psychology. The courses taken at Emmaus will meet or exceed the prerequisites needed to gain admission into most private and public graduate schools. Common jobs with a graduate education include Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Social Worker, Sports Psychology or Occupational Therapy.

A degree in Counseling Psychology at Emmaus is an asset that will propel you into programs and opportunities that will continue your skills in helping and caring for people in need.

*Update: Emmaus has also been named #22 in a ranking of the "50 Most Affordable Selective Small Colleges for a Psychology Degree."Once again, we are proud of the recognition our Counseling Psychology program has received!