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Emmaus Named #1 Best Value College in Iowa

Dubuque, IA - Emmaus Bible College has been ranked 1st among the top 20 best value colleges in Iowa in an article released released November 2015 (20 Best Value Colleges and Universities in Iowa 2015, by Iris Stone). Colleges and universities from Iowa were evaluated from the Institute of Education Sciences’ College Navigator on the basis of graduation rates, net price, acceptance rates, and net return on investment.

Mr. Phil Boom, President of Emmaus Bible College, believes this accurately reflects the value of an Emmaus education: “At Emmaus, you don't have to choose between a highly marketable professional degree and a transformational encounter with God's Word. This is relevant because the workforce, our churches and communities need more than just college graduates. They need moral, ethical professionals who lead by serving and excel by honoring Christ in their careers. This is what we do best, and we think it's a great value.”

Emmaus provides students with the opportunity to receive two majors for the price of one. Every graduate receives at least a full major in Bible/Theology with many receiving over 45 credits of Bible in their program. Many students choose to pursue a professional degree from Emmaus while completing a dual major with Bible/Theology. Others choose Emmaus for one of our rigorous Bible or ministry programs.

Emmaus offers generous scholarships in recognition of academic achievement, Christian character, and ministry involvement. Most students do not pay the full tuition cost in order to attend Emmaus—about 98% receive some form of financial aid. This aid comes from federal, state and private grants, institutional achievement scholarships, private/endowed scholarships, educational loans or family loans. And with a published tuition, room and board of $22,720. Emmaus Bible College is competitively priced at about half the national average for private, undergraduate colleges and universities.

With a high job placement rate (87% overall placement rate, 92% Professional Studies placement rate), and a number of new academic programs (K-12 ESL Education, Secondary Ed Math, new minors in Spanish and Archaeology), Emmaus has positioned itself as a college that provides great value to its students.