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Emmaus: More than a Bible School

Dubuque’s Telegraph Herald recently published a feature article on Emmaus entitled “Small But Renowned Emmaus,” accompanied by the tagline: “Dubuque’s little-known college offers more than Bible studies.” The article, by TH staff writer Mary Nevans-Pederson, highlighted popular misconceptions of the college, particularly misunderstandings that exist in the Dubuque community. Lisa Beatty, Vice President for Academic Affairs, remarked: “We don’t want to stay Dubuque’s ‘best kept secret.’” In addition to a general description of the college’s dual-emphasis (Biblical Studies and Vocational/Professional Studies), several important distinctions were mentioned:

  • The Emmaus Experience was articulated: “Academic programs infused with biblical content, meaningful relationships between faculty, staff and students, and a campus environment conducive to spiritual and personal growth”
  • All class programming is infused with Biblical content
  • 15,000 hours of community service performed annually by students
  • 100 percent placement rate for 2012 graduates of professional programs
  • 20 full courses offered through iTunesU at EmmausOnline (averaging 39,000 downloads every month)

In addition to the various forms of community service, Publications & Marketing Director Jesse Lange mentioned that Dubuquers interact with Emmaus students on a regular basis without realizing it, and that these students are found to be “ethical, responsible, and disciplined.”  Emmaus students are well received in a growing network of local businesses and organizations who appreciate these qualities.

Also quoted was senior Julie Umstetter, who remarked on the warm, caring campus culture where the staff “really wants you to grow in your faith.”

Lange summarized Emmaus’ desire for a more accurate perception by Dubuque residents.  “We are an excellent choice for Christian education, but we also want to be seen as a viable option for professional education in Dubuque’s higher-education scene.”  A 100 percent job placement rate for recent Emmaus graduates of professional programs certainly merits serious consideration among students and parents pursuing Christian higher education.

The article was published in the Saturday morning paper on February 23rd, and is the first in a series of pieces that will hopefully do much to increase local visibility for Emmaus – not only in Dubuque – but also in the broader Tri-State area.

UPDATE: Click here to read the full article online.