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Emmaus Ensemble Tour Concert

The Emmaus Ensemble travels annually during spring break to sing at churches across the country. Departing on March 8th, this year’s Ensemble will sing a total of six concerts in Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Nebraska before returning to Dubuque on March 16th. 

“The students have opportunities to get to know families in their homes each night, and we really enjoy the hospitality and fellowship of every church,” says Ensemble director Elisa Cooper. “It is exciting to share this music and our lives with everyone we meet, and we pray for a lasting impact on each person involved.”

Each year, the Ensemble also performs a pre-tour concert at Emmaus. The concert is Sunday, March 3rd at 7:30pm in the Marble Chapel, and will feature the world premiere of a new choral piece (Well Done) composed by alumnus Aaron Fullan. This piece was written in honor of Dr. Dave Reid who died in a skiing accident in January of 2012. Dr. Reid taught at Emmaus for twenty-eight years and impacted countless numbers of people through his life and ministry. You won’t want to miss this memorable concert.