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Elementary Education Students on Week-Long Internship in Tennessee

Every year, juniors in the Elementary Education program engage in a week-long teaching internship in Tennessee, where they are given the opportunity to spend the week in a classroom, interacting with students and other teachers while teaching a unit they have prepared. 

Last Saturday, twelve juniors took off for Tennessee, and today began teaching their units in grades 1, 2, 3 and 6. Susie Henderson, the Elementary Education Program Director, had this to say about the trip:

"One of the unique features of the Elementary Education Program at Emmaus is that our students get into the classroom from year one, and one of the most valuable classroom experiences prior to student teaching is our week-long teaching internship. During spring of their junior year, students spend the first part of the semester learning to develop lesson plans, then travel to Murfreesboro, Tennessee where they spend an entire week in a classroom teaching those lessons and learning from a master teacher and room full of "master students" who help them develop their classroom management skills, confidence, ability to adapt lessons, and a whole host of other skills that can only be learned by doing."

Please pray for these 12 students as they learn and grow this week! Pictures and updates will be posted to Twitter and Facebook.

4/10/13 UPDATE: We have been warmly welcomed to the schools here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Each day the students teach their lessons, then work with the classroom teacher during the rest of the day. It is a pleasure to see our students learning and growing, as their elementary students enthusiastically enjoy the lessons they have prepared. 

We value your prayers as the week continues. Please pray for rest and good health for the students and that each will continue to be a rich blessing to those around them. 

Susie Henderson 

4/11/13 UPDATE: Our students shared what they see as the value of this internship. Here are some of their thoughts:

"The best learning occurs through experience. This is what we are doing—experiencing and hearing of the experiences of others." (Jossy Seriphin)

"This week has been a confidence builder and very practical. We learn the head knowledge in our classes, but this provides the practicality of us delivering what’s on paper." (Eli Ramos & Heather Grimm)

"The value is we are seeing something we will be doing for maybe the rest of our lives. I’m learning that I love it. It’s motivating and reminds us of why we’re going to school." (Jeannie Loudon)

Thanks so much! Keep praying!