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Educational Ministries Department

Jeff Riley, Chair, Educational Ministries Department at Emmaus Bible CollegeDEAR FUTURE EMMAUS STUDENT,

I’m excited that you're interested in pursuing a discipline of study in the areas of Youth or Christian Camping Ministries. Both disciplines are centered on the focal point of rising up faithful followers of Jesus Christ in the next generation. This is in accordance to the Biblical pattern of ministry of the older generation passing on to the younger an example of remembrance and faithfulness to following the plan of God.

Our department addresses this great task through faithful study and application of the Bible, servant leadership of People and the administration of godly Leadership. Strong emphasis is placed on hands-on training in working with adolescents through an intentional internship, practical field study and Christian service with youth.

Chair, Educational Ministries Department
Program Director, Camp Ministries, Youth Ministries


  • Comprehensive Bible Training
  • Biblical Worldview Integration
  • Discipleship Based Education
  • Hands-On Ministry Experience

“Emmaus has taught me much of what I need to know to minister to youth, but it has also been a tremendous networking tool, opening up opportunities for me to serve part-time and possibly full-time in the future.”

Kevin Evers
Youth Ministries
Wabasha, Minnesota