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Counseling Students Return from AACC World Conference


The Counseling department was pleased to take our Juniors and Seniors to the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) 2013 World conference in Nashville, TN from September 11-15.

The goal of the conference is to encourage and train those that work with people and give them encouragement and practical training for their work and ministries. The benefit for our students is helping them see the multitude of opportunities after their time at Emmaus, and to begin networking with various ministries, organizations and possible graduate studies.

We were encouraged through the teaching ministry of notable plenary speakers such as Ravi Zacharias, David Jeremiah, Mark Driscoll, Emerson Eggerich, George Barna, and many others that brought a wealth of biblical insight and personal experiences to share.

Student were also given the opportunity to engage with over 120 different workshops with topics ranging from trauma and neurobiology, to multicultural care and theological integration.

The conference is a highlight for our students as it brings them to a culmination of their learning, and gives them both practical insights for their own lives, and encouragement as they seek how to better care for others.

Your prayers for our students are appreciated as they take the wealth of information from the conference and seek to integrate it to care and love for those in need.