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Degree Completion Home

The Degree Completion Program at Emmaus is designed for working adults who have completed some college, typically about two years. The program is offered in a combination of online courses through Emmaus Distance Learning (EDL) and evening courses on the Emmaus campus.

Why study at Emmaus? 

Graduates from Emmaus are effectively equipped with professional knowledge and skills shaped by a biblical ethic and worldview. 

  • Emmaus Bible College graduates are highly valued in ministry and in the marketplace evidenced by consistent placement rates of 92% or higher for professional programs over the past three years.
  • All programs at Emmaus are infused with Biblical perspectives. We are one of two Iowa Colleges accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). 
  • Emmaus Bible College was recently ranked number one in value of 25 regionally accredited colleges and universities in Iowa (
  • Emmaus is the only Evangelical college within 90 miles offering a degree completion program.
  • Emmaus also provides meaningful relationships between faculty and staff, and student, and an environment conducive to spiritual and personal growth.

Why finish your degree? 

Completion of a bachelor degree can provide the following benefits:

  • Advancement in career and ministry.
    A bachelor degree can improve your competitive advantage and increase knowledge in your field. 
  • Increased career stability.
    Unemployment rates for individuals with a bachelor degree are lower than for individuals with just an associate degree or some college (U.S. Department of Labor Statistics). 
  • Increased financial stability.
    Average earnings for individuals with a bachelor degree exceed those for individuals with an associate degree or some college (U.S. Department of Labor Statistics). Completing your bachelor degree may provide more financial freedom to pursue ministry and family goals.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is $375 per credit, and there is a technology fee of $15 per credit.