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Christian Ministry Seminars at Emmaus

Christian Ministry Seminars (CMS) will be from February 2-4, 2015 at Emmaus Bible College. The college is looking forward to hosting over 30 different camps, churches, ministries and organizations on campus for this annual event. Throughout Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Emmaus students will hear from our Plenary speaker, Dave Hart.

Dave serves as Ministry Director at Living Waters Bible Camp in southwestern Wisconsin. For the past 38 years his calling in ministry has been to “present everyone perfect in Christ" (Colossians 1.28-29), equipping believers to live lives that showcase the transforming power of the gospel (Philippians 1.27). Dave holds a BS.Ed in Secondary Education from Millersville University and a ThM in New Testament from Dallas Seminary. He has spent 38 years serving the Lord in youth ministry, camping ministry, serving in local churches as elder and pastor, and on the boards of para-church ministries.

Dave writes that as valuable as this training has been, none has shaped him more than his wife of 24 years, Sandy. It is her steady love, her quiet godliness, and her dogged commitment to prayer that God has used to pour grace into Dave’s life. Last, but not least, God gave them three children (Monica, Aubrey, and Ethan) to keep him grounded, to burst all his theories about raising children, and to fill his days with laughter. As a Bible teacher, his driving passion is to make the Scriptures come alive in a way that is simple and clear.

In addition to plenary sessions with Dave, students will also have the opportunity to attend several classroom seminars, learning more about the various ministries and organizations in attendance. When not in sessions or seminars, students will be able to visit the many booths set up throughout the campus, gathering information and gaining contacts for ministry service, internships, and vocation.

We are excited to have Dave as a speaker, and look forward to spending time with the numerous camps, ministries, and organizations in attendance.