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Applied Mathematics Department

Tim Iverson, Chair, Applied Mathematics Dept at Emmaus Bible CollegeDEAR FUTURE EMMAUS STUDENT,

As the Chair of the Applied Mathematics Department at Emmaus Bible College, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to what I consider to be a golden opportunity for your future. Our double major in Bible/Theology and Applied Mathematics is designed to train you to effectively promote your faith in Jesus Christ while, at the same time, preparing you for a lucrative and fulfilling career.

This unique, four-year degree program is a great value, since you will earn two degrees for the price of one. In addition, a degree in Applied Mathematics can lead to a variety of exciting professional careers, and the projections for jobs requiring mathematical skills are very good. Furthermore, there is the joy involved with learning and applying mathematics. Research has shown that vocations involving mathematics consistently have the highest rates for job satisfaction.

I know that deciding on a college major can be overwhelming. I want to thank you for considering the double major in Bible/Theology and Applied Mathematics, and would be delighted to answer any questions or provide you with any additional information that can help you in your decision making process.

Chair, Applied Mathematics Department