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Alumni Basketball

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2010 Alumni Games

The 2010 Alumni Basketball Evening was another great time of fellowship.  A great crowd of students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni showed up to support the teams.  In the first game, the Lady Eagles prevailed over the Alumni/Faculty/Staff by the score of 52-45.  Leading the charge was senior Anna Nininger with 24 points, 11 rebounds and 9 steals.  Freshman Marcela Ramos chipped in 13 points and senior Brianna Doran had 12 points and 5 steals.  For the Alumni/Faculty/Staff, Sarah Lepisto '06 scored 17 and Jeremy Mau '04 added 9 points.

In the men's game, the current Emmaus team again claimed victory, this time by the score of 78-61.  The alumni made a valiant effort, only trailing at halftime by a score of 38-34, but were not able to keep up in the second half.  All 13 players scored for the Eagles, led by sophomore Nate Smith with 15 points and 5 rebounds.  Freshman Isaiah Langlois scored 13 points, while junior Aaron Fullan chipped in 9 points and 9 rebounds and senior Luke Wilkerson scored 8 points and dished out 6 assists.  Andrew Crim '08 paced the alumni with 18 points, and Justin Smith '98 contributed 10 points to the effort.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2010 Alumni Sports Weekend a great success!

Emmaus Bible College Alumni Basketball team for 2010

Standing (left to right): Justin Smith '98-'02, Chris Woodhouse '00-'04, Dan Foster '87-'90, Caleb Barsness '05-07, Adam Crim '04-'05, Tim Westrum '09-'10, Andrew Crim '07-'08, Ben Heun '05-'06, Kyle Graw '07-'10, Mitch Nelson '08-'09, Adrian Goodrich '06-'08, Kevin Nelson '80-'81, Daniel Rinehart '07-'10, Scott Seeley '00-'04, Zach Larimer '08-'10, Adam Leggett '02-'04.  Kneeling (left to right): Paul Ruter '80-'81, Marvin Pitney '84-'87.

Emmaus Bible College Alumni Women's Basketball team for 2010

Standing (left to right): Jenna (VanDine) Mathew '97-'01, Anna Rinehart '09-'10, Kyli Crim '09-'10, Alyssa Pfeifer '08-'10, Janelle Flanagan '04-'05, Alison DeJong '08-'09.  Kneeling (left to right): Melissa (Peterson) Barsness '05-'07, Stephanie (Fairbanks) Mau '04-'08, Mandy (Westrum) Heun '05-'06.

2009 Alumni Games

Another great Alumni Basketball Evening has come and gone!  Former Eagles from many eras and several states were on hand to kick off another Emmaus basketball season.  The women's game featured an assortment of current faculty and staff and female alumni.  Led by sophomore Molly Barsness (18 points) and junior Anna Nininger (11 points), the Lady Eagles were victorious by a score of 48-36.  Pacing the alumni were current assistant coach Stephanie (Fairbanks '04) Mau with 10 points and Melissa (Peterson '05) Barsness with 7 points.  Highlights of the game were substitute free throws shot and made by former Lady Eagles coach and current staff member Shorti Cribb '68, and Dr. Jack Fish, Emmaus faculty member since 1968.

The men's game was more of a battle than previous years, with the Eagles pulling away in the last half to win by a score of 101-75.  Freshman Tim Westrum began his career in impressive fashion with 25 points and 5 rebounds.  Junior Luke Wilkerson added 16 points and 5 assists, and sophomore Nate Cravillion scored 13 points and grabbed 13 rebounds.  The alumni came out strong and led at the half 45-41, but younger and more disciplined bodies prevailed as the Eagles took it to the alumni, outscoring them 62-30 in the second half.  Leading contributors to the alumni cause were Paul Ruter '80 (10 points), Dan Yasick '05 (9 points) and Justin Smith '98 (9 points).

Thanks to everyone who made it a great time of fellowship in Christ!

Standing (left to right): Lorne Goggin '92-'96, Justin Smith '98-'02, Dan Foster '87-'90, Andrew Crim '07-'08, Ben Heun '05-'06, Kevin Nelson '80-'81, Kevin Larsen '98-'01, Dan Johnson '04-'06, Paul Ruter '80-'81, Danny Ruter '03-'04.  Kneeling (left to right): Dan Yasick '05-'06, John Barsness '05-'06, Adrian Goodrich '06-'08, Adam Crim '04-'05, Marvin Pitney '84-'87.

2007 Alumni Games

Tonight marked the beginning of another basketball season as all the former Emmaus Eagles basketball players were invited back to participate in the Alumni Basketball Games.  We had over 30 of them in attendance, with most of those playing in the games.  In the first game, a team of Lady Eagle alumni joined efforts with some current faculty/staff members and lost to the 07-08 Lady Eagles by a score of 36-27.  In the second game, the Men's Alumni Team lost convincingly to the current Eagles 45-11.  Rounding out the evening was a shortened game with the men alumni splitting into two teams and playing against each other.

We had someone (either coach or player) in attendance from every Emmaus men's team since 1980 except for '81-'82 & '91-'92. States represented were Iowa (8 players), Wisconsin (6), Illinois (4), Minnesota (3), Nebraska (2), and even South Carolina (1). Thank you to all those who attended and participated!

Standing (left to right): Matt Staudinger '01-'03, Kevin Larsen '98-'02, Chris Woodhouse '00-'04, Dan Foster '87-'90, Eric Dreier '92-'93, Dan Yasick '05-'06, Dan Johnson '04-'06, John Barsness '05-'06, Ben Heun '05-'06, Dan Ginn '00-'04. On floor (left to right): Aaron Ruter '02-'04, John Reeves '86-'88, Kevin Rasmussen '82-'86, Kevin Nelson '80-'81, Paul Ruter '80-'81, Danny Ruter '03-'04, Adam Crim '04-'05, Bret Crim '01-'02, Justin Smith '98-'02, Tony Gael '89-'91, Adam Leggett '02-'05, Marvin Pitney '84-'87, Stephen Williams '94-'98.

Left to right: Britney (Ritschard) Johnson '05-'06, Mandy Westrum '05-'06, Anna (Messerly) Crim '05-'06, Melissa Peterson '05-'07, Janelle Flanagan '04-'05, Jennifer Larsen '03-'07, Jenna (VanDine) Mathew '97-'01, Courtney (Dhuey) Staudinger '00-'01.

2006 Alumni Games

We tipped off the 2006-2007 Emmaus basketball seasons with a bang on Friday, November 3rd.  The annual Fluke in Dubuque was combined with the Alumni Basketball Games for a full evening of fun for everyone involved.

First was a game featuring the '06-'07 Lady Eagles against a team of faculty, staff, and women's alumni.  In a fun but competitive game, the Lady Eagles were triumphant by a score of 66-48.  Leading the students was sophomore Melissa Peterson with 22 points, followed by freshman Sarah Lepisto with 17 and junior Stephanie Fairbanks with 14.  For the faculty/staff/alumni team leading scorers were Israel Chavez('93-'95) with 16 points and Steve Sanchez ('93-'95) contributing 13 points.  Representing all the former Lady Eagles were Jodi Greenstreet ('95-'99) and Kristi Warner ('03-'04).

In the men's game, the '06-'07 Eagles once again prevailed by a 20 point margin, 84-64.  Jumping out to an early lead, the students used their quickness and conditioning to outplay the alumni and secure the victory.  The Eagles were led in scoring by junior Jason Irwin with 27 points and sophomore Clifford Nininger who had 17.  Other major contributors were freshman Jesse Stoltz with 11 and sophomore Caleb Barsness with 8.  Scoring leaders for the alumni team were Justin Smith ('98-'02) with 13 points, Al Stoltz with 11, Danny Yasick ('05-'06) with 10, and Bernie Roidt ('99-'02) with 9.

Fifteen alumni participated in all, and made for a great evening of fellowship and basketball for the whole Emmaus family.  We look forward to doing this again each November.

Back Row: Eric Dreier ('92-'93), Dan Foster ('87-'90), Seth Warner ('03-'04), Justin Smith ('98-'02), Danny Yasick ('05-'06), Stephen Williams ('94-'97), Al Stoltz.  Front Row: Marvin Pitney ('84-'86), Paul Ruter ('80-'81), Danny Ruter ('03-'04), Bernie Roidt ('99-'02), Dan Ehrman ('98-'01).

2005 Alumni Games

On April 2, 2005, the Emmaus Athletic and Alumni Departments teamed up to put on our first formal Alumni Basketball Evening.  Over 30 former Emmaus basketball players, both men and women, showed up for an evening of basketball, audience participation contests, and great fellowship.  This event served as a culmination to our spring Discover Emmaus Weekend, and was greatly enjoyed by all who participated.  Alumni from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, and even North Carolina were represented.

The first game of the evening featured the Lady Eagles from 2004-2005 matching up against our collection of women alumni basketball players.  As in each case of the evening, younger bodies prevailed and the current team won by a score of 31-14.  Stephanie Fairbanks led the Lady Eagles with 11 points.

Due to such a large turnout of alumni, two games took place for the men.  First, all 24 alumni took on the 2004-2005 Eagles team.  In a shortened game, the current students again defeated the alumni 31-25.  Matt Caminiti led the Eagles with 9 points, and Brandon Russell set the pace for the alumni with 5 points.  In the last feature of the evening, the alumni were split into two teams based on years of attendance.  The younger grey team jumped out to a 32-22 halftime lead, and was victorious by a score of 71-59.  Taking advantage of their quickness and outside shooting abilities, each member of the grey team had at least one basket, with Kevin Larsen leading the way scoring 14 points.  John Rinehart chipped in with 9 points, and Clint Munson, Danny Ruter, and Aaron Ruter each had 8, respectively.  The blue team was led by Jeremy Cheek's 14 points, and supported by 8 from Joey Stearns and 7 from Lorne Goggin.

All in all, the evening was a wonderful success, and we look forward to doing it again in the future!

BLUE TEAM (1999-PREVIOUS) Front Row (left to right): Jeremy Cheek ('97-'99), Tristan Guthrie ('96-'99), Brandon Russell ('94-'96), Joey Stearns ('98-'99), Stephen Williams ('94-'96), Lorne Goggin ('92-'96).  Back Row (left to right): Eric Dreier ('92-'93), Shane Larter ('95-'99), Justin Smith ('98-'02), Bryce Roethler ('99-'01), Dan Foster ('87-'90), Alan Crim ('96-'98), Paul Ruter ('80-81).

GREY TEAM (SINCE 1999) Front Row (left to right): Jesse Westrum ('99-'03), Bret Crim ('01-'02), Aaron Ruter ('02-'04), Danny Ruter ('03-'04).  Back Row (left to right): Matt Staudinger ('01-'03), Chris Woodhouse ('00-'04), John Rinehart ('01-'03), Clint Munson ('03-'04), Kevin Larsen ('98-'02), Dan Ginn ('00-'04).

WOMEN'S TEAM  Front Row (left to right): Marcie Crim ('02-'04), Jenna (VanDine) Mathew ('97-'01), Jessica Drees ('03-'04),Back Row (left to right): Jessica Best ('03-'04), Abby Rinehart ('02-'03), Jodie Stratman ('01-'04), Denise DeKeyser ('94-'98), Courtney (Dhuey) Staudinger ('00-'01), Anna (Miksch) Ginn, Amy (Pawluk) Young.


Alumni Soccer Games

2010 Alumni Game

The 2010 Alumni Soccer Game is in the books!  After a well-played and even scoreless first half, the alumni struck twice in the second half to win 2-0, taking friendly revenge for last year's loss in the inaugural game.  Dr. Jack Fish again coached an alumni team that was well-laden with talent from seasons past.  Steve Fish '92 and Andrew Paleczny '07 each scored and assisted on each other's goals to lead the alumni.  The defense of the alumni team was stellar behind defensemen Jon Marquez '97 and Craig Raymond '06, and goalkeeper Jesse Stoltz '06.  The Eagles gave a great effort, but couldn't overcome injuries and playing with few subs to make it in the scoring column.  Coach Steve Seeman even got into the game as a midfielder after some of his players had to come out with injuries.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2010 Alumni Sports Weekend a great success!

Standing (left to right): Craig Raymond '06-'09, Dan Petersen '05-'08, Andrew Paleczny '07-'09, Mitch Nelson '08-'09, Eric Messerly '09, Ben Ruter '08, Mark Messerly '07, Adam Leggett '02-'03, Dan Foster '87-'89, Jon Marquez '97-'99, Dr. Fish, Christian Boddy '09.  Kneeling (left to right): Steve Fish '92-'95, Ben Brown '06-'08, Joel Hernandez '84-'85, Adam Crim '04, Jesse Stoltz '07-'09, Marvin Pitney '84-'86, Stefan Johnson '86-'89, Randy Fish '94-'00.

2009 Alumni Game

The first-ever Alumni Soccer Game was a great time of celebration. One of the main purposes of the event was to recognize Dr. Jack Fish for his retirement after 25 years of coaching Emmaus soccer. Dr. Fish coached over 300 Emmaus students since 1984, and was instrumental in the growth of soccer in the community of Dubuque as well. Including current students, more than 35 of his former players were on hand to celebrate, with many more that wished to attend but were unable for various reasons. At halftime, three of Dr. Fish's former players (Jon Marquez '97, Dave Wilson '92, and Lorne Goggin '92) took turns sharing with the crowd some words of humor and encouragement for Doc and his wife, Nancy.

The game was enjoyable for all, despite the cold weather and wet field conditions.  A very skilled team of alumni was able to give the Eagles some good competition, but went down by the final score of 4-2.  Junior Rex Nelson led the charge with 2 goals, and junior Andrew Paleczny and freshman Matt Imhof each chipped in a goal of their own.  Sophomore Mitch Nelson assisted on two of the goals and junior Eric Seeman and sophomore Aaron Fullan each had an assist of their own.

Highlights of the game for the alumni were goals by Mark Messerly '07 and Lorne Goggin '92, capped by the kind of celebration that only Lorne could pull off.

We look forward to having these events each and every year, and hope you are able to join us in 2010!

Standing (left to right): Jesse Fullan '08, Lorne Goggin '92-'95, Aaron Fullan '08, Ben Wakefield '08, Steve Fish '92-'95, Andrew Johnson '08, Dan Foster '87-'90, Johnny Bloom '06-'08, J.J. Routley '99-'00, Dr. Fish, Dave Wilson '92-'93, Stefan Johnson '86-'89, Jon Marquez '97'-'99, Joel Hernandez '84-'85, Rex Nelson '08, Andrew Paleczny '07-'08, Craig Raymond '06-'08, Youngho Shin '07-'08, Mitch Nelson '08, Justin Bracelin '06-'08, Ben Ruter '08, Eric Seeman '06-'08, Mark Messerly '07. Kneeling (left to right): Jesse Stoltz '06-'08, Randy Fish '96-'99, Marvin Pitney '84-'86, Neal Langill '87, Ashleigh Wilson '07-'08, Tim Stephenson '03-'05, Andy Stephenson '03-'05, Ben Brown '06-'08, Brad Meyer '03-'06, Adam Crim '04.