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Alumni Constitution

Article 1 - Name and Purpose

The name of this organization shall be "The Alumni Association of Emmaus Bible College"  Its purpose shall be to assist alumni in staying in touch with each other and the College.

Article 2 - Membership

All graduates of the College (of any degree or certificate program) shall be members of the Alumni Association and shall be entitled to vote.  The active membership list shall be maintained by the College.  Former students who did not graduate from the College shall be granted membership to the Alumni Association but shall not be entitled to vote.

A ballot shall be sent to voting members of the Alumni Association when it is necessary for election of the Alumni Committee members, for amendments to this Constitution recommended by the Alumni Committee, and for any other matters needing decision by the members.

Typically, meetings of the Alumni Association shall be held at the College and will be scheduled with appropriate notice.

Article 3 - Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee shall function under the auspices of the Administration of the College. The Administration shall appoint the Director, who shall chair the Alumni Committee.  There shall be four additional members, who shall be elected by mail ballot, with each one serving a three-year term.  The ballot shall be composed of nominees selected by the Director in consultation with the College Administration and any present members of the Alumni Committee.  The number of nominees shall at least double the number of members to be elected, and shall represent a reasonable geographic and age distribution.

The expiration of terms of office shall be staggered so that only one term expires in any one year.  To accomplish this provision at the outset, the members initially elected will be for terms varying from one to three years (one for a one-year term, one for a two-year term, and two for a three-year term).  The newly-elected Alumni Committee members shall begin their duties on January 1.  In the case of vacancies in the Committee caused by resignation, removal, or death, such vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the Director to complete the term of the predecessor.

To foster more effective alumni activity, the Alumni Association shall encourage the formation of local Alumni Chapters, with the Alumni Committee forming a Chapter as the increase in the number of Alumni Association members in any given territory shall warrant.  Each chapter shall determine the form of organization best adapted to its needs.