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A New (Out)look for Emmaus Bible College

In order to more accurately represent our mission, and to better position the college as a contender in a competitive marketplace, Emmaus Bible College has adopted a new logo. Established August 2015, the Emmaus Road Shield Logo will replace former logos and word marks and will serve as the primary icon in most branding applications. The Emmaus Seal (Est. 1999) will continue to serve as the official seal of the college.

The key element of our new logo is the Emmaus Road, which is at the center of the icon. The story of Christ on the road to Emmaus (from Luke 24) is a part of our heritage and a strong element of our identity. Supporting concepts include the educational journey (or path) as well as a shield, both representing our position as a historic institution of higher learning. Additionally, Emmaus prepares students to take up the Shield of Faith in defense of the Gospel. Providing quality biblical and professional education, Emmaus Bible College equips students with highly relevant, marketable degrees.

Established in 1941, Emmaus Bible College has developed a reputation worldwide for our trusted Bible teaching. Students from across North America and around the world continue to value studying the Word of God in a systematic way, and recent alumni can be found ministering in over 33 countries of the world. By design, Bible is our middle name, and providing biblical instruction continues to be a core element of our mission.

Emmaus is also being recognized for our quality professional education. During the 90s Emmaus began adding dual majors with professional programs in order to better equip our students for the marketplace. Now offering programs in Business Administration, Teacher Education, Counseling Psychology, Nursing, Computer Information Systems, ESL Education and more, Emmaus is producing graduates with highly marketable degrees, and our graduates of professional programs consistently find employment in their field or a related field. Our graduation rate is over 40% higher than the national average for private institutions. Emmaus Bible College is ranked No. 1 on a list of the “Top 25 Small Colleges for a Counseling Degree” ( And year after year, our student satisfaction rates are higher than those of our peers.

At Emmaus Bible College, you don’t have to choose between a highly marketable professional degree and a transformational encounter with God’s Word. This is relevant because the workforce, our churches and communities need more than just college graduates. They need moral, ethical professionals who lead by serving and excel by honoring Christ in their careers.

Visit our Branding Guidelines page for more information about our new logo.